Our Impact 2020 – 2021

Community Led Housing


New homes for Southmead

with unanimous planning approval

The regeneration of Glencoyne Square is the largest community led housing project in the UK.

The high density, mixed use, development will provide 120 homes, a new health centre, library and community enterprise space, alongside green space and public realm improvements.

It is the first phase of Southmead Regeneration – a vision to transform this area of our community in to a thriving neighbourhood centre.


“I have lived in Southmead for 85 years.  This is a change of a lifetime.  It will change the centre of Arnside and Glencoyne Square completely – it is a defining moment and I can’t wait for the first spade to go into the ground!” 

Mike Murch, Southmead Resident


Planning Awards received in 2020

Royal Town Planning Institute 'Highly Commended' and National Planning Awards

This year we have:

  • Received unanimous planning approval for the 120-home scheme on Glencoyne Square
  • Secured capital funding to build a community-owned enterprise space within the scheme
  • Received several awards including ‘Highly Commended’ at the Royal Town Planning Institute Awards 2020, and the National Planning Awards 2020
  • Been a catalyst for £1m of investment by Bristol City Council to improve the high street; these works are underway

This year we have:

  • Worked with our development partner Abri Housing Association to ensure that a proportion of the homes in the development are owned by the Trust; this will create a long standing source of revenue for community services and projects
  • Held consultation events to shape the high street improvements, and to gather community priorities for parks and green spaces
  • Continued to meet monthly with the residents steering group

“I have lived in Southmead for 65 years.  A boost at the heart of our community is just what we need to take the place we love into the future.

“We had a dream to make a better future for Southmead.  It’s been five years of meeting once a month, with a desire, a burning ambition to do something.”

“We have worked tirelessly on this project, we have listened and talked and listened and talked and discussed every aspect right down to the colour of the brickwork.”

Deana Perry, Southmead Resident

£ 1 m

Investment prompted by our scheme

to improve the public street areas

“The community is clearly in the driving seat!”

Sue Manns, President of Royal Town Planning Institute