Our Impact 2020 – 2021

Employment Advice, Training and Workspace


People provided with advice and guidance

by our Employment & Training Team

We have a great track record of helping our participants to gain real confidence and make significant progress towards learning, volunteering or employment.

Our team takes a whole-person and wellbeing approach to support each participant’s journey towards work, whatever their starting point.  We offer friendly, accessible support and learning opportunities in the heart of our communities.


People received 1-1 support

from our Employment Mentors

Our team delivers the West of England Works Project.

We have begun to design our own innovative and popular community learning courses, such as ‘Find Your Strengths’, and have been commissioned to deliver them.


Participants moved on to a job or training

and signed off our support list

This year we have:

  • Provided 65 people with employment advice and guidance
  • Given 1-1 support to 26 people
  • Moved 23 people into employment and training



Workshops provided to support entry in to employment

as well as managing the mental health resilience involved

“We have found Southmead’s West of England Works team to be unique in the level and depth of support they give to clients.  They really aim to address the barriers clients face, getting to grips with their fears and dreams.

“Just to say, I saw Terry yesterday and he and I were singing your praises. He’s grateful for your support.”

Emmaus, our partner organisation


New major partnerships

to deliver our own training courses to new groups

This year we have:

  • Provided 25 workshops including employability courses, ‘Find Your Strengths’, managing stress and anxiety, and mindfulness
  • Developed new partnerships with Bristol City Council Community Learning, the Vulnerable People’s Resettlement Scheme, Future Me (project for women out of work), and set up debt advice sessions with Christians Against Poverty

Z's Story

Z was referred from our Social Prescribing team.  They suffered with chronic anxiety, pain and panic attacks.  They had rusty IT skills but wanted to start working in administration.

Their mentor found and arranged for them to attend an IT refresher course, then a Business Administration course, and alongside this they attended our in-house confidence building course ‘Find Your Strengths’.

Their progress over the next few months was immense as their confidence grew from attending the courses.  They found support from peers they met on ‘Find Your Strengths’.

They were then able to start a voluntary admin role and were positively received.  We have now also arranged for them to receive counselling for their anxiety.  They have joined the gym to help with their health condition, and are currently job searching for a paid position.