Our Impact 2020 – 2021

Greenway Centre Hub


Vaccines Administered to North Bristol Residents

at the Greenway Centre clinics

Greenway Centre is a base for more than 20 businesses, charities, social enterprises and statutory services.  There are more than 30 community classes or groups on offer each week here, many of them free.

Before the Pandemic, a very busy and expanding programme of events was taking place including performance arts, debates, sporting events and community festivals.


New exercise machines installed

to upgrade the Greenway Gym

The impact of Coronavirus has required us to adapt and change the way the Centre works as a community hub and business centre.

We have won funding for an ambitious re-build programme to support community activity to recover, and to re-purpose spaces.

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Major new partnerships: Raised in Bristol CIC

nursery Care at the Greenway Centre

This year we have:

  • Hosted 6 months of vaccine clinics with 27,414 vaccinations administered
  • Kept the Greenway Centre open safely all year for the local foodbank, NHS service, an emergency response hub and essential support groups
  • Supported all our groups and small businesses to survive through grants, rent discounts, improved broadband and flexibility
  • Adapted our community and meeting room space for social distancing and ‘room and zoom’, allowing groups to meet again safely

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Major new partnerships: Cafe Des Amis Southmead

cafe and catering

“Right from the start the Southmead Development Trust have been brilliant. Without the team this would have not happened.

“As a result of the vaccine clinics, patients will benefit for years to come because of the closer working relationship we have and a better understanding of each of our roles in the community. 

“Hosting a vaccine clinics in a local hub like this has undoubtedly boosted take up and saved lives”.

Dr James Cross, Greenway Practice

This year we have:

  • Overhauled and updated the Greenway gym with new equipment
  • Developed partnerships to bring new opportunities in to our area including with Raised in Bristol nursery care and Cafe Des Amis catering
  • Supported new groups to establish such as a weekly toddler group and Jujutsu club
  • Secured investment to improve the Wi-Fi connectivity, our car park and disability access to the Centre

Richard's Story

“I lost my wife last year and aged seventy four started coming to the Greenway Centre exercise classes after  my doctor told me I was diabetic.

“I decided ill health was not a path I wanted to take . My grandson set me up on Zoom and I attend as many classes from Greenway as I can during the week.

“I have lost weight, worked at my own level and got much fitter and stronger, and enjoyed being part of an exercise community.  It’s good to get up for a class and to see people and have a quick chat before and after the class.

“Yesterday the doctor told me that as I approach seventy five I am no longer diabetic –  I am so happy and will continue on my fitness journey as its now part of my everyday life.”


Visits online

to 217 free wellbeing classes