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Our wide range of Health & Wellbeing specialist link workers support residents with many health aspects including mental health, loneliness and isolation.  Participants are supported into social activities and companionship and encouraged to set up groups to pursue areas of their own interests.

Our projects are in partnership with organisations and charities both citywide and nationally which help to fund our work. We have been recognised for our community centred approach to health and wellbeing. Please see our individual projects below for more details.

What’s important to you?

Social Prescribing

We provide a free service which links patients with extra services and support within the community.  This involves exploring what is important to you, identifying local activities, groups and services that you can benefit from and then giving you the encouragement and practical support that you may need to access these.  This may include things like creative activities, physical activities, counselling support, social activities, learning opportunities, training, employment or housing and money support – amongst many other things!  There is also the opportunity to receive mentoring support should we feel that this would be beneficial to you.

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Better access to mental health

Community Access Support Service (CASS)

We work in partnership with Community Access Support Service (CASS) to promote better links between diverse communities and mental health services in Bristol. CASS works with community, equality and faith groups across the city to improve awareness of mental health and access to support services. We are home to the North Bristol CASS networker who links up groups and organisations across the north of the city.


Tackling loneliness and isolation in the community

Neighbours Connect Southmead

Neighbours Connect Southmead is a partnership project with Adult Social Care to explore a new approach to how we care for vulnerable members of our community.

We think that a strong community is one that is connected to each other, where neighbours look out for each other and where people feel part of things. Neighbours Connect Southmead encourages this through the careful and considered pairing of volunteers and members of our community. The project has been listed on the Think Local Act Personal directory, featuring projects nationwide which are innovating community centred support.

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Linking you to what matters

Link Forward

Link Forward is our social prescribing service for children and young people aged 7 – 12 years old.

This is a free service to support children and young people to access groups and activities they think would be helpful and enjoyable, and chat safely about things they might be facing in life like starting a new school, struggling with friends or feeling low.

We think that providing spaces like this for children and young people is important. These spaces mean they can talk about things which are affecting them, build confidence, and find connections to support them.

Our Link Workers can also work with parents or carers, signposting them to services which could support their own wellbeing.

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