Southmead Regeneration – what’s been going on in March?


So far the Southmead Regeneration Team have run 10 consultation events, all about design.

During these events we’ve been asking people a number of questions about the design of Glencoyne Square; what the future buildings, community facilities and green space should look and feel like.

On Saturday March 30th we have an all-day event at the Greenway Centre – pop in any time between 11am – 4:30pm to share your thoughts on the design and future of Glencoyne Square.


Southmead Youth Centre



Some of the themes that have emerged so far include….

What is unique about Southmead?

  • The geometric shapes of the roads, that you can see on the mapIt is leafy and green, with lots of space and light
  • The variety of shapes and colours in the houses, and the red bricks
  • Many people think that the new buildings on Glencoyne Square should refer to the history of Southmead (for example, through the kinds of materials used) – but also that they should bring something new, fresh, modern and cheerful into the area.

What should the buildings looks like?

Many people were concerned about having materials and finishing on the buildings that would take a lot of maintenance and upkeep, and wanted to avoid having anything that might weather badly or look scruffy in the future.

Here are some of the things people liked the idea of…

  • Colourful and cheerful buildings that look friendly
  • ‘Homey’ buildings that are not domineering or intimidating
  • A variation in shapes and height, which would break the buildings up and make them look less tall and block-y
  • Buildings with character and shape, not boring!
  • Balconies which look sturdy and have some element of shelter
  • Don’t want hidden or dark spaces which could attract anti-social behavior or rubbish
   Inclusion Southmead


What about the public and green space?

The priority for many people was to have communal spaces where you could connect with other people, or just enjoy being outside. Spaces to sit, to eat your lunch, to talk to others, and to do activities. This was also something that teenagers were particularly interested in – a space where they could hang out with their friends and chat, but still be amongst the community.

Others suggested planting and growing spaces, wildflower meadows, and a sensory garden.

All the feedback from each consultation event is fed back to the architect, Nash Partnership. Nash will work to make sure the design reflects the priorities of the community, alongside all the other factors they have to consider when designing the buildings (such as financial viability, space and quality of the apartments, making sure there is enough parking and adequate space for community facilities – etc!).

If you’d like to learn more about Southmead Regeneration visit

..and please get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions you would like to discuss with the team.

The final plans will be displayed at Southmead Festival on July 6th.