How do you know you’re in Southmead?

This week we held the first of many design discussions in Southmead. In these sessions we are collecting local people’s thoughts on the design of the Glencoyne Square project.

How will it look, how will it feel?


People at Team Southmead exploring different aspects of design for Glencoyne Square


Part of this discussion is about exploring what makes Southmead feel like Southmead? We want to recognise the things we love about Southmead – and what makes it feel like home. What is unique about the way Southmead looks and feels?


Then we need to think about whether the Glencoyne Square project can, or should, incorporate some of these things into the design. Should the new buildings recreate what is already in Southmead? Should they create something fresh?

Here is some of the things people have already said they like about the design in Southmead…

What about you? What aspects of the physical design do you think are unique to Southmead? Do the roads, homes, community spaces or other structures look different to other parts of the city? What do you think we should include in the design of the new buildings and community space on Glencoyne Square?


Come and join us at a drop-in consultation event over the next month. There are lots of different times and locations, and more to be announced: