The Big Reveal: Southmead Regeneration

This week we will be showcasing the first draft of the masterplan at two consultation drop-ins.  Years of planning and surveying, months of resident engagement and feedback as well as designing and redrafting, have finally come to a head.

The masterplan is the product of design work completed by residents during our modelling workshops, which was informed by themes raised in community consultations. Each of the designs done by residents were considered and analysed by Nash Partnership, our chosen architects, who turned the resident’s ideas into preliminary drawings. The drawings were voted on by a panel of local stakeholders to trim down the shortlist to one. Now the architects are ready to move forward with this design and the first public showings will be at the end of this week.

We are extremely excited for everyone to see what all the hard work has produced and want to invite you all to join us at the drop-ins, where we will be discussing the masterplan. They will be held at:


St. Stephens Church

Friday 07/09/18

2pm – 4pm




The Greenway Centre

Saturday 08/09/18

10am – 12pm


In fact, we were so keen for Southmead residents to hear about it that that we put leaflets through over 2,500 doorways letting you know! Did you get yours? If you can’t make it, please feel free to use the reverse of your flyer as a comment card and drop it in to any one of our comment boxes. Locations are listed on the flyers.


As always, you can follow everything we have been up to so far by clicking here.


Hope to see you there!


The Regeneration Team