New Masterplan Information Available!

Great news!

The Southmead Masterplan has been approved by Southmead Regeneration and can now be viewed in its entirety! A set of 4 documents have been published with as much juicy regeneration information as you can sink your teeth into.


The Story so Far

This is your regeneration 101. It is the shortest document and contains links and guidance to other parts of the project. Does what it says on the tin by giving you a brief rundown of the process so far.


Masterplan: Full report

This is the most thorough document. It goes in depth into the whole process taken from start to finish explaining design decisions, community input, project policy and more.


Masterplan: Summary

This is an overview of the full report. It summaries and delivers some of the key points of the full report in a shorter document.


Masterplan: Appendices

These are the additional documents that are referred to in the first three documents.


These documents can be accessed via the website and when new material is produced, we will upload it here so you can always stay up to date with the Southmead Regeneration

Happy reading!


SDT Regeneration team.