Bristol City Council Approves Funding for Non-residential Space

Big step forward for the  Glencoyne Square community-led housing project yesterday! Bristol City Council approved £7m funding at Cabinet for the non-residential parts of the scheme. These include an improved library facility and community space. This means our community led housing project can continue progressing, and we can look forward to improved facilities in Southmead.

Here’s a reminder of what the project is bringing to the community:

  • 120 new 1 & 2 bed homes
  • Improved public open space
  • New health centre
  • New library
  • Some non-residential space which can be used by the community

Cabinet really recognised and praised the huge level of community involvement with comments from our local Councillor Helen Godwin and the Deputy Mayor Asher Craig who gave us a big well done!

You can watch and listen to their comments HERE from 2:08:50.

Click here to find out more about the plans for Glencoyne Square

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