In Need of a Read?

We have started some book deliveries out to the people of Southmead!

Our teams had heard from the community that they would like some reading material during lockdown. People don’t have the internet and others don’t want to watch TV. We think it’s important to have some offline entertainment in this time so we can give our eyes a break from the screens, get involved with a good story and get away from the news.

Anyone in need of a read can get up to 3 books delivered to them of a genre of their choosing. You can then keep them or return them to us if you want, when you’re finished. We also had an exchange where one person donated some of her books in return which was really helpful and lovely!

We still have some books left to give out. If you or someone you know is in need of a read, please email Send us a quick message with what sort of thing you’d be interested in and we can arrange a delivery for you.