Adults’ Social Prescribing Secures Continued Funding For Groups


We are really excited that our Social Prescribing team have secured continued funding from Bristol North Somerset South Gloucestershire CCG, in collaboration with Second Step, to continue to run the popular Health & Wellbeing Groups! You can sign up to via the website, await an invite from one of our Social Prescriber, and then come along!


All the groups are free, and we’re expanding the in-person offers and the number of locations – meaning you’ll be able to go to some of these groups in physical locations at Greenway, but also in Shirehampton and Cotham. We’ll also still run online offers, so you can easily join from home too for some options.

People have given us really positive feedback about the groups saying it’s been helpful to listen to others’ stories and know people are experiencing similar things to them.

We’re currently offering sessions for Carers Support, Special Educational Needs and Disability, Chronic Pain, Employment Support and Healthy Lifestyles. We’ll be adding support around Long Covid, managing money and more!


We always love to hear your thoughts so if you have ideas on what you want to see, just email


To join us, sign up HERE.