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Our Employment and Training team work to bring more learning, training and employment opportunities to our community in Southmead and North Bristol. We run a variety of options to support you to feel better about yourself, look for work, secure employment or get into vocational training courses.  We provide tools and empowerment for people to be more motivated, realise their potential, and achieve their goals.

Greenway Community Learning

Greenway Community Learning offers sessions for adults (18+) to prepare for work and volunteering.

We offer a range of courses which range from helping you to find the strengths you have already and expanding them, vocational introductory courses, and relaxation and mindfulness workshops: vital for anyone preparing to make changes or begin a journey to something new.

Please see our current list of courses below and click the link to sign up.  Once you have provided your details, we will be back in touch to introduce ourselves and to provide you with further info.

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From their years of experience, our mentors understand that knowing where to start can often be the toughest part. After all, you might never have written a CV before, or it might be your first interview in ten years. We know how daunting all of it can feel so we thought we’d collect lots of tips and tricks so you can get started. Feeling like you’re equipped with the right tools and how to use them can help you feel empowered and confident. Remember – everyone has skills and experiences which are important and useful.

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Job search, training and work goals achieved so far

Introduction to Care Work

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Introduction to Retail Work

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Introduction to Community Development

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Find Your Strengths

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Your time could help make a difference to the Southmead Community.

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