Southmead takes on urban design!

We are well into the design phase of Southmead Regeneration Project.

What does that mean? Well, the architects, contractor and other partners are working with the community to decide the finer details of what Glencoyne Square will look like in the future when it is home to new apartments, community spaces and a landscaped park (amongst other things).

There are many decisions that need to be made about how the space looks and feels, what the buildings look like, and how it will be used.

Last weekend the Regeneration team went ‘design tours’ with local residents, investigating different aspects of the design of buildings and community spaces. Local residents analysed what kind of design they’d like to see on Glencoyne Square – as well as the design they wouldn’t like to see.



There are lots more opportunities to get involved with the urban design of Glencoyne Square, and if you’re local to Southmead we’d love to hear what you think. We’ll be hosting a number of pop up events and workshops looking at the following aspects of design….

Buildings – the shape and height, the finishing, the colours, the materials..

Green, open and play space – what makes a safe, useful and enjoyable open space?

Streets and parking – pavements, roads, open areas, paths… we all use them! What makes them work well?

Private and Outdoor spaces, and gardens – how do residential spaces interact with public spaces?


..sound like something you could have an opinion on? We would love you to join us at an event.


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