Southmead residents have their say! What artwork should be on the new benches on Arnside?

Bristol City Council are carrying out public realm improvements on Arnside Road. A key part of this work is the new seating which will be installed. These will be large granite benches and the Council would like the community to be involved in the design of the artwork which will be on them.

As local residents, we have the ability to shape our own neighbourhood. The Council team have talked about using words to bring the benches to life with a local flavour, but maybe we have better ideas?!

Our Regeneration team and the Council team will be on Arnside Road Friday 7th August, 11am – 1pm to hear from residents, so please come and share your ideas if you are free and feel able to!

We will be outside, ensuring social distancing and be using hand sanitiser.

Take a look at the following examples and questions, and let us know any ideas or comments you have!

You can…


We look forward to hearing and seeing your ideas!

You can read the latest update from the Council team for the work on Arnside HERE