Southmead Regeneration Project Update

We held four public consultations in spring 2016 and invited residents to consider the idea of more housing and shops around Glencoyne Square, which is owned by both Bristol City Council and private landlords (primarily the churches). We continue to work hard in exploring options in meetings with land owners, potential funders, and in particular with Bristol City Council, to find out what might be possible.

Some of the ideas have attracted national press attention as Southmead is being seen as a positive, can-do, community, who are willing to take matters into their own hands and deal with issues like housing, when central or local government is not. But no decisions have been made yet and the green space we have is protected. Trying to find out what is possible may take another six months at least.

Any progress (including master plans, housing, community businesses, what is or isn’t built and where) will be decided by residents, as part of a working group, with open consultations. Everything for this project will be overseen by residents, who are elected to the Board of Trustees for the Southmead Development Trust, as well as the BS10 Parks & Planning Group. If you have any queries about the project or would like to know more about the Southmead Development Trust, please contact us.

Full report:

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