Residents Design Southmead Regeneration!

Last week Southmead residents came to join SDT, Nash Partnership and the Council’s City Design Group to work through some thoughts about how they could improve their local area.

The day was a great success with 2 workshops that generated some really brilliant ideas that the designers will use in the Southmead Regeneration.  We started by exploring some of the key themes that were talked about in the area such as safety, access to quality green space and diverse shopping environments, then the community looked at existing examples from elsewhere which were chosen to reflect those themes.

Residents identified advantages and disadvantages with the examples and thought about how they would be appropriate (or not) in Southmead.

Finally after everyone was fueled with teas, coffees and custard creams they set to work modelling their view of the Southmead Regeneration and everyone came up with really interesting and diverse ideas. There was a lot of thought and hard work put in by everyone. Each design was recorded as well as each comment about the examples and themes relating to Southmead.

The design team now have everything they need to start planning based around your ideas and work!

Don’t worry if you haven’t had a chance to give your thoughts yet though. You can always give us your ideas via the website or hold out for the next public consultation in early September.


and remember, your voice matters! Let us here what you have to say!