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GCC New Campaign March 2023


I am delighted to have launched Greenway Care Connect: a new kind of care for North and West Bristol.  It is an introductory agency for both care workers and those needing care and help at home, to be matched and connected with each other to create the best caring partnership.

The partnership between care-seekers and their care workers is supported by us here at the Trust; we are a not-for-profit charitable trust and therefore our only interest in providing this service is to get the very best care for our residents and to ensure care workers are properly paid and valued for their essential work.

The special thing about our agency is that it is the care-seekers and their care workers who decide on plans, ways of working, and outcomes – without interference from a profit making agency or company.

We will enable the kind of care where:

  • Care-receivers have mealtimes, personal care, and bedtimes to suit them – not dictated by care agency shift times or capacity to meet needs.
  • Care workers receive more than the minimum wage for work that requires great skill and accountability.
  • Care-seekers and care workers are introduced to each other and decide if they want to work together.
  • Care workers see disability as another characteristic of human culture and not as a problem.
  • Care receivers are able to take part in social activities and not be excluded due to their carer’s time constraints.
  • Care workers feel supported by us and their peers.
  • Care workers are supported to value their role and their worth and to receive any training required.

I am absolutely passionate about being able to facilitate good care for people in their own homes and I have lots of experience in different settings.

Before joining the Trust I managed the care and support for individuals with physical and learning disabilities, as well as with mental health needs, across Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

I worked as a care manager in the private sector having attained a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership of Health and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services (Adult Advanced Practice) and an MSc in International Development specialising in poverty, inequality and disability.  My working focus is the prompt delivery of quality care to ensure dignity for all ages.

Before my journey in Social Care I was a teacher of English and Spanish as foreign languages in Argentina and Spain, and a language school manager in the UK.  I didn’t decide to quit teaching. It just happened when I became a part-time support worker, found my calling, and then never looked back!

It is a real privilege for me to be trusted to shape and implement the Greenway Care Connect service as I have wanted to run a genuinely person-centred care service, for both care-seekers and fell care workers, for a long time.  It is also a privilege to be doing this with the Southmead Development Trust which is exclusively driven by the desire to support all residents to thrive.

Please go through to our Greenway Care Connect service pages to find out everything you need to know, click here>

Do contact me whether you are thinking of becoming a self-employed care worker, or you are a care worker who would like to work with a trusted agency, or you are seeking care for yourself or a loved-one.  Or if you’d just like more info.

Contact Cecilia Casadio, Manager Greenway Care Connect.  Telephone: 07376 067 980.  Email: