Big changes: Bristol City Council to do major improvement works to Arnside Road

In partnership with Southmead Development Trust and the Regeneration board, Bristol City Council have won £3.6m from the ‘Housing and Infrastructure Fund’ to do infrastructure works to Arnside road and Glencoyne Square, to facilitate Southmead Regeneration and to improve Arnside Road.

What does this mean for the future of Arnside Road, including parking? Lucy Empson from Bristol City Council answers some frequently asked questions below…

What is the Arnside Public Realm Project?
The Arnside Public Realm project is about improvements to Arnside Road and Greystoke Avenue Shopping Area. The Public Realm Improvements are being led by Bristol City Council. The Arnside project is part of the Arnside and Glencoyne Square Regeneration Project (AGPR), led by SDT.

Will Arnside be pedestrianised?
No, vehicles will still be able to drive through Arnside in both directions.

Will you still be able to park on Arnside?
No, most people will no longer be able to park on Arnside Road. Parking on Arnside Road will be for disabled drivers and for loading. This parking and loading will be on one side only to make it feel safer to cross the road. Limited waiting will remain on Greystoke Avenue in front of the shops and on the south side of Ullswater Road. Unrestricted parking will be created on the northern edge of Greystoke Strip. Aldi car park will remain unchanged. n.b. Changes to parking will be subject to further consultation and legal processes.

Will there be any segregated cycle routes?
Yes, a new segregated cycle route along the east side of Arnside Road will link the new development at Glencoyne Square to Trowbridge Road.

Will the concrete road and pavements change?
Yes, Arnside Road will be resurfaced. New trees will be planted along each side of Arnside Road and there will be new paving, seats, litter bins and cycle racks.

Will access to the shops be improved?
Where possible, we will work with businesses to adjust the levels of the paving to create level access into shop doorways.

Will there be any changes to the existing roads and accesses?
People have told us that the busy junction below the shops makes it uncomfortable for pedestrians to cross. The Council has appointed transport consultants to assess the situation and advise how this could be improved. We have not yet received their report, and no decisions have been made. Once we have their report we will be consulting with local people on their recommendations.

Will any trees be removed as part of these works?
No. The new parking along the Greystoke Strip will not affect the trees. New trees will be planted along Arnside Road as part of the scheme.
What is the timescale for these works?

There is a drop in Consultation event at the Scart Shop Arnside Road on Wednesday 12th June 12noon – 3pm where you can talk to us about the proposals for Arnside.
Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) to change the parking and loading arrangements will be agreed and submitted in July 2019. There is more information about this if you continue reading..
Public Realm improvement works should start on site in Summer 2020.

Parking and Loading Arrangements – Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO)

What are the existing parking restrictions around Arnside shops?
The existing Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) allows 30 minutes waiting between 8am and 6pm on Monday to Saturday in the parking bays on the south side of Ullswater Road, on Arnside Road and on Greystoke Avenue each side by the shops. There is unlimited parking in the bays on the north side of Ullswater Road and in the Aldi car park. There are 3 disabled parking spaces on each side of Arnside Road and Greystoke Avenue. There is no designated loading. See plan ‘Existing Parking’.
What are the proposals for parking, loading and waiting?
Existing general parking between the shops will be removed on Arnside Road. Only 3 hour Disabled parking and loading for customers and businesses will remain on Arnside Road.
3 hours waiting between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday is proposed for the south side of Ullswater Road, and on Greystoke Avenue on the east side fronting the shops. This includes 3 disabled bays.
There will be new unlimited parking bays along the edge of the Greystoke Strip.
All the parking will remain free. Aldi car park will remain unchanged.
The existing unrestricted parking on the north side of Ullswater Road, will be for the new Glencoyne Square development. See plan ‘Proposed Parking’

What happens next?
We will be talking to local people and businesses in June at the Scart Shop on Arnside Road to discuss and finalise the parking and loading proposals.
We will agree the preferred parking arrangements with the Councils Transport Team. We can then start the formal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) process. This is the legal process by the Local Authority to change the current parking arrangements. You will be consulted on this by the Councils Highway team. It is hoped that the TRO application will be submitted in July 2019.
We will also be making a planning application for the new parking bays along Greystoke Avenue. You will have an opportunity to comment on this application via the Councils website.

How can I get involved?
We will be at a Drop In event at the Scart Shop on Arnside Road on Wednesday 12th June 12-3pm where you can talk to us about the proposals for Arnside.
We will also be at the Southmead Festival on Saturday 6th July
We will be discussing the TROs and how people want Arnside to look at these events.

Further information:
If you want to know more about the Arnside proposals contact Lucy Empson in the City Design Team, Bristol City Council at
For further information about the Southmead Regeneration Project visit


Arnside existing parking plan February 2019 Rev A Arnside Proposed parking plan February 2019 Rev A