Updated Designs for Glencoyne Square


Its been over two months since Southmead Festival where the latest proposed plans for Glencoyne Square were presented to the community. Through this event and others which followed, local residents were able to see how local priorities had shaped the designs, and to give their feedback.

The designs received an overwhelmingly positive response as you can see from the ‘dot-o-meter’ feedback board below, with the vast majority of people feeling that the designs reflected what the community wanted.

This is a community-led scheme and it is important that local people are shaping it – so all feedback we received from these events was fed back to the architects, who have made some changes to the designs in response.





Some of these changes include:

  • Planting have been added to soften the buildings, and to make it look more inviting and less formal
  • Ground floor / commercial use windows have been changed to look more residential
  • The architects are exploring the use of different colours of glazed bricks
  • There have been changes to the positioning of some of the balconies

You can see more images of the updated plans here.