Southmead Social Care for Adults Project

We are setting up a project to support adults with social care needs in Southmead, which we plan to start in January 2018.

The current phase of the project is a listening one; we’re listening to members of the community, those with adult social care needs, social workers, and other practitioners, to understand what is already working well in Southmead and what could work better.

At the heart of the project is seeing whether we can provide support that is personal and tailored for people, at the same time saving the Council some money. We think that a strong community is one that is connected to each other, where neighbours look out for each other, and where people feel part of things; we want to encourage that.

We’re looking for community-led solutions and for community members who are interested in being part of shaping this; if you are or would like to chat more about it contact Charlie on Below is a sheet with a bit more info on the project if you’re keen to find out more.