Play Your Cards Right Goes Virtual During Lockdown 3!

Our Neighbours Connect Southmead team have been hosting Play Your Cards Right for some time. Before Covid19, our group met in the Greenhouse Café to play cards and catch up with each other. Once it was safe to do so during the pandemic, we’ve met socially distanced at Greenway. However, the current lockdown means we can no longer meet in person.

This hasn’t stopped us! We have now started meeting virtually so we can still keep in touch and play games. Our first ever virtual Play Your Cards Right took place on Wednesday. We had some technical teething problems where we couldn’t all hear each other on the games webpage so we adapted and opened up a Zoom call. Then we played the game at the same time so we could all hear each other and play!

We hope to have a few more players join us next week who couldn’t attend today. We’re very pleased with how it’s gone. It means we can still connect and have fun through lockdown which is so important for all of us right now.


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