Our National Stars at the Greenway Centre


By Amy Kinnear, CEO

We are so proud that the Greenway Centre is home to one of the most popular and successful cheerleading clubs in the country. Day in day out, Predators Athletics Cheerleaders train hard towards their next competition and their routines are a joy to behold. If you were at the try-outs last Friday, you’ll have see what a great set-up they are.

Over the years, the Predators team have worked tirelessly to transform the old Greenway sports hall into a bouncy floored, fully kitted out, trophy galore, modern cheerleading haven where the groups practise their heart-stopping displays. They have reached a very high national standard and very clearly, everyone involved absolutely loves what they do.

My own daughter is one of them. When she spent most of lockdown ignoring her schoolwork and, instead, practicing walking on her hands across the kitchen, I never expected that just three years later I would be driving her through the deserted streets of Bournemouth, at the crack of dawn, to join thousands of young people from 748 teams across the country, to compete in Europe’s largest cheerleading competition: the Future Cheer Internationals (23rd – 25th June).

I felt wobbly as I watched my daughter’s team throw themselves into their routine, looking tiny on the huge stage, in front of more than fifteen judges assessing their every move. As they fling themselves through the air, the teams risk being marked down for even the tiniest of mistakes, including anything falling on to the stage. We held our breaths as one of our athletes, mid tumble, caught her own shoe as it became loose.  But she flicked it into the audience without missing a beat or losing a point!

The atmosphere was amazing both inside the dark auditorium and outside in the daylight where Bournemouth was buzzing with young people in fabulous sparkly uniforms practicing their routines on the beach and in the park. The energy, fun and positivity was incredibly infectious, and I can see why this sport is growing in popularity: young people cannot resist the mix of gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance – along with musical mash ups, gravity defying tumbling, glittering outfits, and the opportunity to perform thrown in!

Cheerleading can be so powerful for young people as they learn teamwork, trust, discipline, and precision. They must stick to precise choreography and rigorous training. It relies on every single team member to be present and confident to compete, there are no sidelines for anyone.

The great news is that amongst their eight awards from Bournemouth, Predators brought two second place and three third place wins home to Southmead – fantastic results.

We are delighted that this Southmead based club is doing so brilliantly. Congratulations to everyone at Predators, and to Becky who runs it.  we could not be more thrilled to have you here at Greenway providing this wonderful opportunity for local young people.

You can contact Predators via Instagram @predatorscheer, or via Facebook @PredatorAthleticsCheer, or leave a message for them at the Greenway Centre tel: 0117 950 3335.