No Mow May at Greenway


We’re working on bringing more wildlife to Greenway. It is estimated that the UK has lost 50% of its biodiversity. Creating spaces for nature is really important for the planet and our own wellbeing. We have a big site here with lots of green space, and we’re right next to Badock’s Wood so we’re in a great location to create lots of little hideaways for creatures.

This spring and summer we’re letting a strip of our grass grow long as part of the No Mow May campaign. This will be from Greenway Garden along the fence to the Badock’s Wood stile.

Hopefully we’ll see new flowers which will be tasty food for bugs, and long grass which will create a safe corridor for wildlife to move around. We aim to do this every year, so as the years pass, a range of species of wild plants should appear.

So, if you see the grass looking a bit wild along here in the coming months, this is why!

We know there are lots of groups in Southmead who are interested in encouraging and counting wildlife in the area. We’d love to know if you see anything if you’re at Greenway, be it birds, bugs or plants. Or if you’re doing something similarly good for wildlife, tell us! Why not submit something to The Mead on or email

If you’d like to read more about No Mow May, click HERE. Have a go in your garden, a corner of an allotment or ask about not mowing in your street or local park!