Latest on Glencoyne Square


In January 2021 we received planning permission for the community led housing project on Glencoyne Square: to deliver 120 homes; new community facilities including a health centre and library; and better public open spaces.

The aim of the project is: to improve this central part of Southmead for residents now and into the future; to meet the huge demand for new and more varied housing options in Southmead; and to generate income to help pay for community services.

This project is community led because the site itself is being passed to the resident led Southmead Development Trust, giving the community a unique opportunity to be involved in the new development and have a say on what happens there.

Although the site is being passed to the community, Southmead Development Trust is not building the new development.  For this we need a housing association partner who needs to be happy that the scheme is affordable.

Since January last year we have been working to gather partners to get in to a position to start on site.   However, not helped by the pandemic, there have been two significant challenges.

Firstly, although the Council and local health partners have worked really hard to agree arrangements for a new health centre, progressing this element of the project is not going to be possible.

Secondly, our housing association partners have further assessed the current design of the scheme and have concluded that it is too expensive to build in its current form.

But we have not been set back by these challenges; this project has been marked by the vision, drive, perseverance and dedication of the Southmead community to make the regeneration of Arnside and Glencoyne Square a reality.  So we’re not about to stop here!

We have worked hard to come up with solutions through the re-design of some elements of the scheme, and are determined that any changes to it must deliver the original aims and retain the award winning design, as well as the level of community involvement.   In the coming weeks we will be gathering your input to this re-design through a survey – please watch this space!  Following this, a revised planning application process will give everyone a further opportunity to have their say.

Please contact us if you have any queries, questions or concerns – email: or telephone: 0117 950 3335.