Christmas Dinner for the Staying Steady Crew


On a Monday and Thursday we run Staying Steady class. The class aims to help individuals improve their strength, balance and flexibility and therefore better manage falls and coping with general day to day tasks. It is aimed at 50+ but the majority of our attendees have been 60+. Those that have attended have found the class hugely beneficial, not only for their physical and mental wellbeing, but have formed close connections with other members of the class.

Covid continues to be a tough time for older people with many feeling isolated, impacting their physical and mental health. For those that did return to sessions, there was a noticeable deterioration in their health and overall strength.

It has been great having them back in class. To see many of them improving and reconnecting has been very rewarding. But we are very aware that Christmas is a hard time for many; some have lost partners or have little or no family members around. The Covid threat makes it even harder to be with family and friends. So we wanted to ensure that they had a nice gathering before the holidays.

With the support of the John James Foundation we arranged for Café des Amis to cater a two course Christmas dinner for them, with the option of a glass of joy before the holidays.  Paula (our amazing Exercise Referral instructor), Matt (our Senior Fitness Instructor) and I spent time with them over Christmas dinner. We had a good laugh!

Understandably, due to the current climate a few of our regulars didn’t come but overall we had a good turnout. We feel that the event was a success and cannot wait to reconvene classes in the New Year. Hopefully work towards a bigger and more social event next Christmas!


by Nat, our Fitness and Wellbeing Manager