SEND Coffee Mornings at Greenway


By: Bristol Parent Carers

Are you a parent of a child with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), looking for support, information, and a friendly community to connect with? Look no further! Bristol Parent Carers warmly invites all families to our monthly SEND Coffee Morning at the Greenway Centre in North Bristol.  Our next date is Thursday 2nd November.

We know that it is easy to feel alone and overwhelmed. Parenting a child, especially one with unique needs, can sometimes feel like an isolating journey. You might encounter questions, concerns, and challenges that seem overwhelming. But here’s the reassuring truth: you are not alone on this path.

At Bristol Parent Carers, we’re not just an organisation – we’re parents, just like you. We have children with SEND, so we understand the ups and downs, the worries, and the joys that come with it. We’ve felt the isolation and uncertainty, and we’re here to tell you that there’s a community ready to support you.

Our SEND Coffee Morning is a welcoming and inclusive gathering open to all families, whether your child has a formal diagnosis or not. You’ll be able to find valuable information and discover essential resources to support to help your child thrive. You can also book a 1:1 session with SEND and You who can give personalised special educational needs information, advice and support, even if your child does not have a diagnosis. We’ll also discuss  effective ways to communicate with schools and understand the support available for your child’s unique needs. We partner with expert advice and, some weeks, our friends from the Carers Support Centre join us to provide guidance on finding support for yourself as a parent. Your well-being matters too!

Importantly you will be able to connect with other families, build lasting friendships with others who may be on a similar journey, share experiences, and offer support.

Our SEND Coffee Morning takes place every month at the Greenway Centre in North Bristol. Whether you want to plan ahead or prefer to drop in spontaneously, we’ve got you covered.

Booking a spot is easy. Simply visit our Eventbrite page and reserve your place online. However, if you’re in the neighbourhood and decide to drop by, you’re just as welcome. We can’t wait to meet you!

Parenting a child with SEND can sometimes feel like a solitary journey but together, we can make the journey of supporting your child a bit easier, and a lot more enjoyable.