Black Lives Matter – Our Statement

We’ve been watching the news from the USA with sadness. We know the history and legacy in the UK continues to present us with similar challenges. We understand that the pain, anger and anguish is shared within our community.

We also know that people from Black and other Ethnic Minorities are disproportionately affected by the Coronavirus and support the call for real action to be taken to understand and reduce the reasons for this.

We want be outspoken, to be loud and visual about where we stand as an organisation. We constantly strive to improve on how we can offer a safe and inclusive space for everyone. We always want to do better and will be reflecting on how to do so as an organisation.

We stand in solidarity with the black members of our community and those fighting everywhere for equality and justice. We are with you. We believe that Black Lives Matter.

If you would like to read residents’ views about equality in Southmead, please click to read Chapter 3 of the Southmead Community Plan