Dance Fit Classes in Bristol

A choreographed dance fitness class aimed to burn calories, tone the body and improve and strengthen our cardiovascular system. Using music fusions from around the world, the work out is fun for all ages and fitness levels. A great stress and anxiety reliever, this class will uplift your wellbeing and mental health as well. There are no expectations to what you can achieve – tailor the class to your needs. Two left feet…not a problem!

Tuesdays, 18:00-18:45

Thursdays, 19:00 – 19:45

Women in exercise class

Meet our Dance Fit instructor


I'm a qualified level 2 Fitness Instructor with a passion for all things fitness and health related. I have been on my own personal journey of self discovery into the world of health and fitness and have a good understanding of the struggles people come up against when looking for a class to feel comfortable and welcome in.

Dance Fit classes in Southmead, North Bristol

Dance Fit classes in Southmead, North Bristol

Our Dance Fit classes are held at the Greenway Centre in Southmead. Register today!