Whilst time is paWsed, give a little to make a big difference!

TimeBank Southmead – ‘Acts of Kindness’ this Christmas

There’s no better time to spread a bit of love in our lockdown lives than the holiday season. As the days are drawing in and we’re stuck at home, it’s time to get creative in how we connect with one another.

TimeBank Southmead members are doing this in full force! From offers of crafty Christmas decorations, to a homemade dinner or dog walking! Take someone up on one of their offers or come up with your own; it’s a great way to keep busy and get to know neighbours in a brand new way.


How to join

You can be a member in no time!

Follow these steps…

  1. Register a Can Do Bristol account on the Can Do Bristol website
  2. Complete your profile
  3. On your Dashboard, click the ‘Join the Timebank’ option
  4. Complete and submit the application form

That’s it!


Find out more from the Can Do Bristol website

Don’t have access to a computer but would still like to be involved? Want to find out more?

Call the Greenway Centre on 0117 950 3335 and ask for Letty or Simone

Email neighbours@southmead.org