Success at Southmead Festival!

This year’s Southmead Festival was a great success all round. From jiving to jerk chicken, we had it all! The Southmead Regeneration stall was a new addition and created a lot of interest in the community. Southmead Development Trust joined forces with Nash Architects, Streets Re-imagined and Bristol City Council‘s Urban Design Team to talk to the people of Southmead about how they viewed their area.

We spoke to over 145 people and received over 100 comments on what the community liked, disliked and wanted to change about where they live. We are going to keep gathering information so we can make some informed design decisions about what should happen with the regeneration and deliver a scheme that the community will want and respect for years to come.

Remember to keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to have YOUR say, we want to hear it all!