We’re Hiring: Café Team Leader & Social Prescribing Co-ordinator [closed]

The deadline for both of these jobs is the 13th July.

Café Team Leader (18-21k)

We are looking for an individual who is passionate about food. Reporting to the Operations Manager you will run the café at the Greenway Centre. You will provide affordable, tasty, healthy food, buffets for business and events, cooking courses and create a friendly, vibrant atmosphere. You will develop a team of volunteers and staff, sourcing ingredients and setting the menus. 37 hrs/week.

Social Prescribing Co-ordinator (23k)

We are looking for an individual who is passionate about health and wellbeing. Reporting to the Operations Manager you will develop and  deliver a social prescribing programme. Working closely with healthcare professionals, the social prescribing programme will address issues that may be causing or exacerbating health problems. The social prescribing service will develop activities and work with individuals to identify their needs, then refer or signpost to other organisations, services or community groups as appropriate. 37 hrs/week.