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Group exercise classes to motivate and inspire!

We have created a high quality, exercise timetable with lots of variety so you can enjoy a range of ways to stay fit, healthy and connected. Our classes  are delivered by some of the most well-loved instructors in Bristol! Our current, online-only timetable includes Strong Nation™, Pilates, Strength & Balance, Carnival Fitness, Cardio Combat, Qigong, Legs, Bums & Tums, and Forever Active-Over 50s.

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Group Exercise Classes in Bristol

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Our instructor Paula explains more about the benefits of group fitness:

“During group exercise to music, as well as using muscles, building bones cells and keeping us flexible and mobile, we also use our sensory motor skills to keep rhythm and shape as a group. Scientific research shows that moving together in choreographed physical patterns aids the development of develop social, supportive groups who encourage others to work to keep going and improve fitness levels as part of a community.”

Here’s what our customers say about our online classes:

Online Virtual classes

“it keeps me focused and fit every day, I have a ‘go to’ place for my fitness needs”

“I know I can rely on Greenway every day, I feel so supported , it suits all types of fitness levels and ages and abilities”

‘’I feel more able to face the week with exercise every day’’

“I really can’t imagine how I’d be feeling without it, probably miserable”

“I’ve enjoyed meeting other people on zoom”

“It feels like a friendly atmosphere on zoom, everyone’s welcome”

Group fitness classes in Southmead, North Bristol?

How to find us

Group fitness classes are usual held at the Greenway Centre in Southmead. Currently all classes are live online. Register today!